Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (or not-so-FAQ) section! Here we will answer some of the more popular, or what we think should be asked, questions about Silver-Logic and myself! If you don’t see an answer to a question you have, please contact us and we will gladly answer! Check back often as we will be updating this all the time!

General Questions

Questions For Riika

Why Should I Work With Silver-Logic Web & Print Services?

The better question is why wouldn’t you want to work with us? We have been creating website’s for over 9 years, starting with fan websites (shout out to fellow Alias fans!), then moving into blogging and eventually onto business websites and of course pretty much everything in between. There isn’t much we can’t do these days, and what we don’t know right off the bat we will research for you. We also love what we do and that shows in our work and our commitment to you.

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I’m A Newbie To All This Internet Stuff, What Do I Need To Know?

We know it can be a little daunting when you first start looking into getting your first website all setup. We are here to help and make the process fun, easy and enjoyable for you! Getting up and running is broken down into 3 main steps, Domain, Hosting and Design. Your first step is to select a domain name, it can be difficult these days so it may take you a little while (please let us know if you need some suggestions from us). The second step is picking out a hosting plan that fits your needs, what you need to think about is how many files, and their size, that you are going to be storing on the server and how many visitors you will be getting each month. The third step is getting your website designed and uploaded to the server so it is live! That is the most basic info you need to know, but there are other items along the way depending on what you are looking to achieve with your website. Please contact us to help you get on the right path from the beginning.

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How Long Does It Take To Get My Website Up And Running?

Whenever we begin discussing a new project for you we talk about your goal of when you would like your website completed and we also go over the practicality of when it can be done. Due to the nature of this business we usually take on a few projects at one time working on each one at different intervals. You may ask why can’t we focus 100% on your project and get it completed sooner, the simple answer to that is communication. We are all busy people, yourself included, and while in a perfect world every time we have to contact you we would like to believe we will get an instantaneous response and then we can continue on our way and finish your website in record time. In reality this rarely happens, emails get lost in the shuffle or put off and then forgotten, phone calls are not returned, or you need to make a decision that you need to think over. It’s life, we understand that, and we are guilty of that ourselves at times too. So while we are waiting on a response from you, we can be working on another clients project to keep our momentum going and keep everyone happy at the same time.

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Do You Write The Content For My Website?

No, all the content we put on your website must come from you or a Copywriter (may we suggest Internet Writing Pro?) or some other entity. You are also responsible for spell checking and checking for grammatical errors before you send us your content. We do not proof read your content before we translate it to the web, all we look for are formatting (bullets, indents, color changes, bold, italics, etc.) changes. All your content should be in either a Word or Pages format, or even HTML, and be clearly understandable on what is for what page. Our normal proposals do not include taking the time to go to different websites you suggest and picking out content from them to put on your site.

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Hey I Tried Calling You At ___, Where Were You?!

Being a home based business that creates and manages websites we tend to work odd hours, usually we try and be available Monday through Friday during normal business hours (in our mind that is anytime between 9am and 4pm), but we like to take advantage of being able to run to the store or an errand in the middle of the day when there are less people out and about. That being said most days we work after “normal” business hours, so sometimes you will get an email or phone call from us up until 8pm (even later with email)! If you need to get a hold of us immediately the best way is by giving us a call (503-213-3551 or 877-293-1804) and if we are unable to answer leave a message, we will get a notification within seconds of a message being left and will call you back as soon as we can. Please note we are on the West Coast, 3 hours behind the East Coast, so please keep that in mind when you call us (nobody like getting woken up at 5am).

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Are You A Real Company Or Just Saying You Are?

Yes we are a fully licensed company in the great state of Oregon doing business as Silver-Logic Web Services LLC. We became a Limited Liability Company in June 2008 and we even have an EIN!

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So I Like You And All, But Do I Have To Host My Website With You?

While we suggest you do, since we know all the in’s and out’s of our server and what it can do and what it can run, you are not required to host your website with us, or purchase your domain through us.

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There Was Some Miscommunication, Can I Take My Anger Out On You?

Absolutely not! We have a zero tolerance rule for our clients and how they treat us. We know things sometimes get “lost in translation” and we understand that you can get frustrated, but that does not give you an excuse to send us hateful and rude emails or phone calls. How would you react if WE called you up and screamed at you because you didn’t get something to us on time? That would not be cool for anyone. So we ask that if you are upset about something to please, take a step back, take a deep breath and calm down, nothing is ever accomplished in anger. We treat all our clients with the utmost respect and professionalism and we ask the same from you.

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My Question Wasn’t Answered Here, What Should I Do?

Please visit our Contact Us page to get our phone number or to send us an email!

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How Did You Learn All This Stuff?

In 1997, just when the internet was getting big (you know back when AOL was still the “thing”?) I overheard a boy in my class talking about creating his own website and when I asked him the name of the service he was using he looked at me and said “Do you even know HTML?” I told him “Yes” (of course I did not, I didn’t even know what HTML stood for (FYI- HyperText Markup Language)), but he told me the name of the service, GeoCities. With this new knowledge, and the attitude that I would show this boy he messed with the wrong girl, started my love for websites, the internet and everything else that it can achieve.

From that point on I would call myself “self-taught” in pretty much everything computer, electronic and web related I know. When I was older and made the decision I really wanted to pursue Web Design as my career I started taking classes at a local college (Portland Community College). I took all of the 3 or 4 web-related classes they offered, online and in person and then continued learning on my own via looking at how others coded their websites and books.

In 2003 I enrolled in The Art Institute of Portland to achieve my Associates of Arts in Multimedia and Web Design. After 2 terms I decided that the curriculum they had was not a good fit for me and would not teach me anything I didn’t already know, and teach me about stuff that had nothing to with Web Design, in my opinion. I ended up switching to The Art Institute of Vancouver (in British Columbia, Canada, not Washington) as their curriculum was different and more focused on web-related classes. Of course I was told everything I wanted to hear when I met with admissions, but to make a very long story short I ended up learning very little that was relevant, made some great Canadian friends and didn’t get any help from The Art Institute of Portland in finding a job when I moved back in 2005. So I spent a small fortune and ended up in the same place I was before, had skill and talent, but no connections.

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Do You Have A Creative Background?

I am glad you asked that! I have always thought of myself as a creative person, from actual art projects to thinking. Though I have never been able to draw anything nicer than a stick person, I don’t think that is the only thing that makes a person creative. I am a very visual thinker and I think that is what really helps me with Web Design and Photography. At one point my life I was keen on becoming a professional photographer, preferably doing portraits of celebrities, like what you would see in magazines like People and Entertainment Weekly. If you read about the Company you would have seen a small blurb that I attended a “prestigious” art program called JumpstART in 1998, it was a pretty cool experience and opened my eyes about Photography. And before I started at Ai Portland, I was accepted to Ai Seattle in their photography program but ended up not pursuing it.

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What Equipment And Services Do You Use?

In October 2008 I switched over to the Macintosh platform for my main computer, that was a big change for me as I was a vocal Mac hater until I got tired of Windows Vista 64-bit crashing on me multiple times a day. Here is the low down on all the good stuff I use everyday:

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