Acceptable Use Policy

This document is intended to provide a basic understanding of SILVER-LOGIC’s company goals, expected behavior of its Subscribers and customers, and it’s Acceptable Use Policy.

While using the services provided by SILVER-LOGIC, this Acceptable Use Policy (“SILVER-LOGIC Customer Policy”) is provided to give our subscribers and customers a guideline of acceptable behavior, protocol, and down-stream applications. All users of SILVER-LOGIC’s services must comply with this SILVER-LOGIC Terms of Service (TOS). Please be sure to read both documents before becoming a SILVER-LOGIC Subscriber.

In accordance with our Terms of Service (TOS), SILVER-LOGIC may remove any materials, and discontinue service to any account that, in our sole discretion, may be operating illegally or contain illegal subject matter, may subject SILVER-LOGIC to liability, may bring harm to SILVER-LOGIC’s system, network, servers, subscribers, or customers, or which may violate the SILVER-LOGIC Subscriber Agreement or Customer Policy. Any believed, reported, suspected or alleged crime or civil wrongdoing will allow SILVER-LOGIC to notify and cooperate with legal authorities and/or third parties to investigate.

  • The following are core principles that SILVER-LOGIC strives to deliver to each and every Subscriber and Customer of our services. We ask that each Subscriber, Customer, Sub-network, and Reseller also follow these basic principles: Provide outstanding service with reliable security and privacy of our systems and network Foster full and unfettered access to the internet community while upholding full compliance with existing laws, rules, and regulations Encourage responsible and legal use of our networks and the Internet and only get involved to respond to inappropriate actions
  • Stop activities that: pose harm to others, are illegal, compromise SILVER-LOGIC systems and resources, discourage responsible users of SILVER-LOGIC services

The following constitute violations of this Acceptable Use Policy. We ask that each Subscriber, Customer, guest, and/or third parties refrain from the following or risk loss of services, additional fees, and possible legal actions. Sub-networks and Reseller are responsible if their customers, subscribers, guests or third parties perform any of the following as well:

  1. Cause or allow illegal use of SILVER-LOGIC’s services, or in support of illegal activities in any manner, to include harming, or attempt to harm, minors in any way. Cause or allow unauthorized access, or to attempt to access, the accounts, systems, or servers of others, or to penetrate, or attempt to penetrate, security measures of SILVER-LOGIC’s or another entity’s computer software, hardware, network, or internet systems. Cause or allow the transmission of any material that threatens, harasses, or encourages bodily harm or destruction of property. Cause or allow or make fraudulent offers to sell or buy products, items, or services, or to advance any type of financial scam such as “pyramid schemes,” “ponzi schemes,” and “chain letters.” Cause or allow the modification of identifying network header information in an effort to deceive or mislead. Cause or allow the transmission of any unsolicited commercial or unsolicited bulk e-mail (SPAM) or cause or allow any of our IP space to be listed in any of the various Spam Databases. Commercial messages that are solicited by the recipients are permitted. Cause or allow your dedicated server or virtual site to publish material, in any form, fashion, or medium, which SILVER-LOGIC determines, at its sole discretion, to be unlawful, indecent, illegal or objectionable. Cause or allow the impeding of another person’s use of electronic mail services or internet access.
  2. Cause or allow the transmission of any material (by e-mail, uploading, posting or otherwise) that infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or other proprietary rights of any third party.

Any violation of this Acceptable Use Policy may result in corrective action by SILVER-LOGIC to include, but not be limited to, the suspension or immediate termination of your SILVER-LOGIC account and services, additional fees and charges, legal action or other actions as detailed in this document or the Terms of Service agreement without previous notice to the Subscriber or customer.

Sub-Network and Resellers
SILVER-LOGIC understands and welcomes Sub-networks and Resellers of SILVER-LOGIC services, however, these secondary service providers must insure that each and every one of their customers adheres to every policy and rule that is set forth in this Customer Policy and SILVER-LOGIC’s Subscriber Agreement. We strongly encourage each Sub-network and Reseller to adopt these policies, or even stronger policies, to insure the integrity and reliability of our services. Sub-networks and Resellers of SILVER-LOGIC services should, AT THE VERY LEAST, provide a copy of the SILVER-LOGIC Subscriber Agreement and Customer Policy to each and every customer of theirs.

Anyone using SILVER-LOGIC services, whether directly through SILVER-LOGIC or a secondary service supplier (Sub-network or Reseller), will be held accountable for their actions, and all Sub-networks and Resellers of SILVER-LOGIC services, customers, subscribers, third-party users, guests, and staff will be held accountable in accordance with the provisions contained within the SILVER-LOGIC Subscriber Agreement and Customer Policy.
As such, to make it perfectly clear, the following are, in addition to the other violations stated in the SILVER-LOGIC Subscriber Agreement and Customer Policy, actions that will not be tolerated and will constitute violations of SILVER-LOGIC policies:

  • Cause or allow the use of the SILVER-LOGIC service for any activity which affects the ability of other people or systems to use SILVER-LOGIC Services or the Internet. This includes “denial of service” (DOS) attacks against another network host or individual user. Interference with or disruption of other network users, services or equipment is prohibited. Cause or allow others to use their network for illegal or inappropriate actions. A Subscriber may not permit their network, through action or inaction, to be configured in such a way that gives a third party the capability to use their network in an illegal or inappropriate manner. Cause or allow unauthorized entry and/or use of another company and/or individual’s computer, or attempting to access the accounts of others, or penetrate security measures of other systems, whether or not the intrusion results in corruption or loss of data. Cause or allow a knowing misrepresentation or misleading statement, writing or activity made with the intent that the person receiving it will act upon it. Cause or allow the Distribution and/or posting of, or the infringement of Copyright, Patent, Trademark, Trade Secret, or Intellectual Property Right protected materials. Cause or allow the intentional distributions of software that attempts to and/or causes damage, harassment, or annoyance to persons, data, and/or computer systems. Cause or allow the use of software or any device that would facilitate a continued connection, i.e. pinging, while using SILVER-LOGIC services. Cause or allow the hosting of pornographic content or IRC servers on Virtual Server Accounts.
  • Cause or allow the hosting of an IRC server that is part of, or connected to, another IRC network or server

Every Subscriber, Customer, Sub-networks or Resellers of SILVER-LOGIC services is responsible for any misuse of a SILVER-LOGIC account, even if the inappropriate activity was committed by a third party, friend, family member, guest or employee. Therefore, everyone must take steps to ensure that others do not gain unauthorized access to SILVER-LOGIC accounts. In addition, SILVER-LOGIC accounts may not be uses to breach security of another account or attempt to gain unauthorized access to another network or server.

  • It is everyone’s responsibility to keep their password secure to protect the integrity and reliability of the SILVER-LOGIC system and network. Do not share your password and account access with unauthorized users as you will be held responsible for such use. Stay within the allowed use and allocation of your account. Attempting to obtain another user’s account password is strictly prohibited, as well as attempting to bypass user authentication or security of any host, network or account.
  • Use services in a friendly, legal manner. Attempts to interfere with service to any user, host or network (“denial of service attacks”) is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, “flooding” of networks, “overloading”, or “crashing” a host. Use or distribution of tools designed for compromising security is prohibited.

Reporting Violations
SILVER-LOGIC requests that anyone who believes that there is, or has been a victim of, a violation of the SILVER-LOGIC Acceptable Use Policy or Terms of Service Agreement direct the information to SILVER-LOGIC here.

If available, please provide the following information:

  • The IP address believed to have been used to commit the alleged violation The date and time of the alleged violation, copies of emails, transmissions, or any other evidence of the alleged violation.
  • The name, IP Address, email address, and contact telephone number of the person making the report. The information regarding the person making the report is for SILVER-LOGIC internal use only and will be kept anonymous. Such information may however, be required to be supplied to the legal authorities if a criminal investigation is commenced.

Revisions to SILVER-LOGIC Acceptable Use Policy
SILVER-LOGIC reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify the SILVER-LOGIC Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service Policy, as well as any other policies and agreement of SILVER-LOGIC, at any time and in any manner without previous notice to SILVER-LOGIC Subscribers, customers, Sub-networks and Resellers of SILVER-LOGIC services, guests, third parties, and staff.

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