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Founded in 2003 by two friends (whom both met online and live on either side of the country), Riika Magnus and Gennie Bailey, Silver-Logic Web & Print Services’s original purpose was to fulfill the need to host the websites both women (and their friends) we’re creating for various things (blogs, before blogs were “Blogs” and Alias fansites – because Alias was awesome!). As the years went on both women decided they liked this line of work and continued to develop the company and their skills.

In January 2008, Riika began running the company full time on her own. Since then she has watched the company grow and mature into a full service solution for many startup, home based/small businesses, bloggers and non-profits. She has made contacts with numerous other freelance and small business colleagues in that time as to offer more choices and services for her clients.

In 2013 Riika was asked to become Director of Operations for one of her clients, running the daily operations of a children’s toy company. This company used CS-Cart as their means of selling their product so she gained a lot of first-person experience using the platform as all of her clients had been. While in this position she also learned a lot about selling products on Amazon, Toys ‘R Us, Wayfair, Target, Zulily and other sales channels, as well as how to setup and maintain an EDI connection between all sales channels. She also learned about managing and integrating sales channels at a 3PL warehouse that was over 2,300 miles away to fulfill orders and manage inventory. She sourced and worked with overseas factories to produce product and make sure it passed all US, UK and Canadian safety requirements for the toy industry. In 2015 Riika left this position to return to what she loves most – designing beautiful, functional websites for her clients and supporting them so they can grow their business to their greatest potential.

In 2014 Brandon Van Dine joined the Silver-Logic team bringing his numerous years of experience with CS-Cart, WordPress and other web based technology to the table. Brandon has been in the field for over 10 years.

Silver-Logic Web & Print Services is home-based business located in Beaverton, Oregon a suburb of the Portland Metro Area. We lease our servers from a company located in Lansing, Michigan. We use Macintosh computers, the Adobe Creative Suite, plus numerous other great programs and services. Please check out our FAQ for more details!

Riika Magnus

Owner, Riika Magnus

About Riika Magnus
Born and still a resident of Portland, Oregon, she archived an Associates of Arts in Multimedia & Web Design from The Art Institute of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada in 2005. Riika began creating websites over 20 years ago, when she first taught herself HTML and all the tricks of the web. She has been using Adobe Photoshop for over 17 years and has a background in Black & White Photography, both traditional and digital. In 1998, while Riika was still attending high school, she was chosen to attend a prestigious summer art program at Oregon State University called Jumpstart!, where she studied Traditional and Digital Photography. After that she continued to be involved with Photography by shooting for the school yearbook and newspaper (where she was also a reporter) until she finished high school in 1999.

Riika has worked for numerous local Portland companies and organizations focusing on website & graphic design, HTML/CSS coding, cross-browser compatibility and project management. She has also completed numerous freelance projects ranging from design to coding to consulting.

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