About Silver-Logic Web & Print Services

Silver-Logic Web & Print Services was founded in January 2003 by Riika Magnus and Gennie Bailey. It was originally founded because both women had numerous domains that they needed hosting for and a reseller account seemed to be the most financially sound idea. They decided to try and make some of their money back by selling out some of their unused space to friends and fellow Alias fans (and blogging buddies!). As the years went on both women decided they liked this line of work and continued to develop the company and their skills.

In January 2008 Riika began running the company full time on her own. Since then she has watched the company grow and mature into a full service solution for many startup and home based businesses. She has made contacts with numerous other freelance and small business colleagues as to offer more choices and services for her clients.

Silver-Logic Web & Print Services is home-based business located in Beaverton, Oregon a suburb of the Portland Metro Area. We lease our server from a large server company located in Lansing, Michigan. We use Macintosh computers, Adobe Creative Cloud, plus numerous other great programs and services. Please check out our FAQ for more details!

Riika Magnus

Owner, Riika Magnus

About Riika Magnus
Born and still a resident of Portland, Oregon, she archived an Associates of Arts in Multimedia & Web Design from The Art Institute of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada in 2005. Riika began creating websites over 18 years ago, when she first taught herself HTML and all the tricks of the web. She has been using Adobe Photoshop for over 14 years and has a background in Black & White Photography, both traditional and digital. In 1998, while Riika was still attending high school, she was chosen to attend a prestigious art program at Oregon State University called Jumpstart!, where she studied Traditional and Digital Photography. After that she continued to be involved with Photography by shooting for the school yearbook and newspaper (where she was also a reporter) until she finished high school in 1999.

Riika has also worked for numerous local companies, focusing on Website Design, HTML/CSS coding and cross-browser compatibility. She has also completed freelance projects ranging from design to coding to consulting.

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